Watch Your Teeth Get White In Just 2 Min With This Home Remedy


In our cosmetically driven world, white teeth and thick, shiny hair are priorities. Every year, Americans spend over 1.4 billion dollars for teeth whitening products. But the side effect is that teeth become very sensitive after whitening procedures. Good news is that there are natural alternative to get the desired effect.

Below is an effective and cheap home remedy you should use if you want to clean and whiten your teeth quickly and naturally in two minutes.

All you will need is a couple of very simple and  available ingredients you can find in your store: baking soda and lemon.

How to prepare the paste?

– Take a bowl and add a tablespoon of baking soda in it;
– Cut the lemon in two halves;
– Squeeze the lemon and get a tablespoon of lemon juice
– Add the lemon juice to the container with the baking soda and mix the ingredients;
– Use the napkin to take the mixture out of the bowl and apply it to your teeth, making sure you apply it to each of them;
– Wait for two minutes so that the remedy can work;
– Rinse your mouth and teeth well. You will get results right away.

Note: You should not repeat this procedure too frequently. It is slightly abrasive and if used repeatedly over time it can weaken tooth enamel, making your teeth more sensitive and vulnerable to dental cavities.