VIDEO: I Cannot Believe I Have Never Thought To Cut A Watermelon Like This.This Is So Smart


Watermelon is our best ally during the hot summer days as it helps us freshen up a bit and it re-hydrates.  Most people slice the watermelon mechanically and without even thinking about it, as they consider it as simple task.

However, you will feel different about this after seeing this amazing video.

Have you ever noticed that cutting the watermelon on the left sides wastes too much of the nectar?

This also makes mess around… The video below shows tips on how to slice a watermelon properly, without making a mess and getting the most of it.


  • Cut the watermelon in half
  • Make a small hole through the rind all the way around the center, which will make the fruit break in half
  • Flip the fruit on its end and remove the peel. Don’t worry about the extra bits as you can remove them later
  • Remove the top and clean off the white skin
  • At this point, you can cut the fruit into small pieces
  • Turn the cutting board 90-degrees and cut the fruit again in the opposite direction
  • Put the fruit into a larger bowl which fits the whole watermelon
  • Finally, flip the cutting board!

Check out the video below for more in-depth information!

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