Try This Baking Soda Mixture For Face Care!


Every day, the pores on your face are being clogged with fats, dead skin cells, dirt and dust are ending up on face skin every time you go out. If you don’t clean the clogged pores, they are transforming into acne and pimples, so it is necessary to clean them.

The visit of cosmetician is not required to do this treatment, because you can do it by yourself, at your own home and meanwhile you will be satisfied with the results.


  1. Wash the face as usual and pick up your hair so your face stays clean.
  2. Prepare the mixture for face care: 2 tablespoons of shaving cream mixed with ½ teaspoon of baking soda.
  3. Boil water in a pot of 200 ml and add 1-2 spoons of dry chamomile flower.
  4. Put the pot on a table, place your head over the pot, cover it with a towel and steam the face, for around 5-7 minutes.
  5. On steamed, wet face, apply the prepared mixture, avoiding the areas around eyes and lips.
  6. Go into a bathroom and turn on the hot water and underneath put a soft toothbrush. It should be really soft.
  7. Although there is a face-brush, you can still use this toothbrush.
  8. Then, gently but dynamic, clean the face skin. Pay particular attention on the nose and forehead.
  9. Wash with water.
  10. When you look at the mirror, the black dots will be gone, the pores will be clean and the face will be smooth.

You can do this procedure once a week.