This Tiny And Disgusting Creature Resides In Our Bodies – You Will Not Believe In Which Area!


There are numerous microorganisms and to many of them we are hosts. If you think that you do not have any microorganism on your body then you have tricked yourself. They might be on our eyelashes, hair roots, cheeks and the straps that cover our nipples and groin area. They are with size of 1/3 mm and besides that they are tiny and ugly they are harmless.

They can cause some troubles like skin inflammation on the face and eyebrows when it comes to compromising the immunity, quality change of the skin, increased number of sebaceous glands, autoimmune, or malignant disease.
These creatures are like vampires – they cannot stand the daily light. That means that they come out during the night and move with 1cm/h and their lifetime is a few days. They are called Demodex and the worst thing about these creatures is that in their bodies they have parasites – Bacillus oleronius and they are released after the death of Demodex.

This can cause severe skin irritation and the therapy can be really hard and aggressive and the best therapy is to use mild and neutral face cream in case of having this kind of infection. There is nothing you can do about it just to hope that these uninvited guests will not do any trouble to you because the number of these parasites is increasing during our lifetime.