This Powerful Plant Destroys Cancer Cells And Cures Diabetes


You probably are already aware that a number of vegetables out there are packed full of valuable vitamins and minerals that maintain your overall health. But even then, it never fails to impress me when I find out about certain ones that have disease fighting properties as well. Suddenly the whole perspective brightens when you walk into a local market and see selections of produce as an alternative form of natural medicine. No side effects included.

So, whether you’re using apples to treat acne, vegetables to treat lung cancer, or spinach to fight skin conditions, vegetables can always find a place in your life. This philosophy is only strengthened by recent findings about one of the more popular vegetables in the East – the bitter melon.

Did you know that it’s been shown to fight cancer?

Finding a place in Japanese and Indian cuisine, the bitter melon is nothing short of amazing when it comes to cancer fighting properties. The effects on pancreatic cancer were measured by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, the same man responsible for discovering the cancer fighting effects of green tea, reservatrol, and so much more.

What did he find?

Shallenberger found that when diluting bitter melon juice to 5% in water, it becomes ridiculously effective in damaging cancer cell lines. Looking at the research, the juice lowered the viability of two lines of cancer cells by 90%, and killed the final two lines at a 98% rate. Impressive, right?

Do These Findings Apply Outside of a Lab?

Keep in mind that a lot of this research was done in controlled laboratory environments. But don’t you fear! Researchers at the University of Colorado looked into the same effects on mice, and found a 64% pancreatic tumor size reduction.

What’s the best part? No side effects!

Laboratory testing has been done on mice for years, and for good reason. While already being docile and relatively easy to handle, rodents are also similar to humans in their genetic, behavioral, and biological characteristics. This makes it even more promising when we see positive testing results in lab animals, because we can often expect similar results in humans.
So hey, bitter melon may just be the next big thing when it comes to alternative treatment for pancreatic cancer!

The Story Doesn’t End There!

More research was put into the medicinal effects of bitter melon and the results became even more impressive. By drinking bitter melon juice, researchers found that metabolic issues characterized by Type 2 diabetes were lessened. What does this mean? Well, bitter melon may just be a cure for diabetes! The effect that it has shown on glucose metabolism is already impressive, so more research is being put into the vegetable before it becomes commonly accepted as a form of treatment around the world.

So, even though bitter melon does have a very unique taste (think the equivalent of “it tastes awful, and it works” for produce), don’t let that stop you from getting in on the benefits. I suggest cooking it into curries or other strong spice mixes to disguise the taste, making it easier to bring it into your diet. There are so many fruits and vegetables out there with cancer fighting properties, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.