This Is What Your Birthstone Says About Your Personality!


What had a connection in ancient legends were the months and the gemstones. And according to the story in the Bible about the high priest Aaron that wore a breastplate that had twelve stones that each was related with different personality.

-The first month January is linked with garnet which is known as ‘the guiding light’ in the old text. Many explorers have worn them in order to have protection against danger and bad luck. If you are born in this month then according to your birthstone you are compassionate leader and a really ambitious person. You know how you are worthy and the relationships with others are really important for you. But you should try to achieve your goals without overthinking and without using stubbornness.

-In February the stone is amethyst and people that have that stone are actually protected from seduction and darkness. People born in this month have a quiet and spiritual side, but that do not mean that they are shy. They are really gentle and they have aura of intelligence and royalty and that is how they earn their respect.

-In March it is aquamarine, which means ‘seawater’ in the Latin language. People born in this month want to have balance no matter if it comes to the physical realm or their mind. Also they are known as peacemakers. They have strong passion for justice and that is why other people have so much trust in them. They also help other in starting being honest. They love to travel.

-In April it is diamond and as we already know one of the hardest substances on Earth are exactly the diamonds. This indicates that the person is also a hard-headed. They can make fast decision that they might regret later because of that. But this stone also represents forgiveness, love and happiness. These people to achieve success use their stubbornness.

-In May it is emerald which is actually a stone for improved eyesight. It does not indicate that people born in May have 20/20 vision but that they have clear focus on their goals and that they have the needed motivation to achieve them. But that can in some cases even ruin their relationships with others. But they also have the ability to bring people all together no matter if it comes to friends or family.

-In June it is pearl, and people born in this month are specific since their birthstone is made of organic matter. They enjoy and love nature and they are really sensitive and they care about others and their emotions. Their patience is valued by their friends and people born in June actually make their friends to laugh so hard.

-In July it is ruby and people born in July are the ones that enjoy being in action since their motivators are the courage and achievement. The feel the emotions much deeper than others and that is why they can act moody. But that is not stopping them to be fearless and they do not mind being on their own. They need time to build friendships but once they do that they are loyal to them.

-In August it is peridot which is associated with the sun because it is bright. This indicates that people born in August are glowing with confidence and this stone has been used to ‘eliminate’ depression. That is why people born in this month are light to other people and they are the ones that make everyone happy after some unhappy events. Even in the strangest places they can meet friends.

-In September it is sapphire and people born in this month hate everything fake. That is why they need a lot more time to put their trust in someone. But they can be great leaders since they can use their wisdom and calmness and their long memory is always advantage.

-In October it is opal and because of their rainbow hues they are quite unique. They enjoy meeting new people and they are really spontaneous and creative people and because of that their life is never boring. They easily forgive to others but they also easily forget.

-In November it is topaz and people born in this month are their own good luck charm. They are supporting their friends and family and fortune is always following them. They share everything with others and they are filled with patience and joy. They have different thoughts of others.

-In December it is turquoise and people born in this month are one of a kind because turquoise can be found only in a few places on the planet. They are filled with wisdom and that is why the others are always asking them for advices. Once they start caring about someone they will be protective over them and they appreciate grace and honesty. They enjoy being in the center of attention.