This is What the Shape of Your Butt Has to Say About Your Health


Butts, they come in all shapes and sizes. But let’s get philosophical for a second, and ask ourselves ‘what does it all mean’? 

It would take someone insanely talented, and probably quite perverse, to reveal your entire destiny from looking at your peachy behind. That isn’t us, we’re afraid –  but we are can provide a little insight on what your rear says about your health.Who would have thought that the rear-end that you have been blaming every time your pant size goes up could actually be protecting you from some very serious health problems in the future? Read on and find out what health experts are saying about that gluteus maximus and how the shape could be an indicator that your body is better equipped to battle certain health problems.


Square H Shape

The square or “H”-shaped bum comes from either high hip bones or a bit of extra fat in the love handle region. This can make your derriere look flat rather than giving it the coveted round look. Unfortunately, it could take a lot of squats to get that curve.

“O” MY

Round O Shape

The round or “O”-shaped bum means there is more fat storage in the upper parts of your glutes.

Luckily, this gives the bum a perky appearance, so it’s pretty easy to get that curved shape with a few glute-strengthening moves.


Heart Shape

Just like the shape, the heart-shaped bum is usually fuller at the bottom and tapers out at the top. This can mean more fat is stored in the upper thighs. While this type of bum is one of the more coveted ones, as women age and lose estrogen, the fat that’s stored around the glutes slowly but surely moves to the midsection.


Inverted V Shape

This is the bum commonly seen in older women once they’ve started losing estrogen. As with the heart shape, the fat storage that used to be in the bum has moved to the abdomen or midsection. Without hard work, this bum can be prone to sagging.