The Most Potent Antibiotic – Homemade And Beneficial!


The turmeric is the item used in many Indian recipes and it gives amazing flavor and color. It is some form of a curry and it heals a lot, so it was used in Ayurveda and Chinese healing medicines too.

 It was used for such a long time since it healed wounds, cuts, skin issues, joint issues, sprains in muscles, gastro problems, respiratory problems and liver diseases. Many studies also confirm that it heals many infections, digestion problems, inflammation and cancer even.

It is a fact that the active item, curcuma, is the potent one. Experts have accentuated it for the health and many other uses.

More precisely, it was proven curcuma heals and kills microbes, removes inflammation, gives antioxidants and so on.

Curcuma also heals the digestive tract since it kills microbes. Also, it cures the helicobacter pylori, gastritis, peptic and gastric ulcer too.

Also studies proved that this item also fights cancer due to the antioxidants and removal of free radicals. So, this way many damages and problems are avoided.


As we said, many studies show curcuma can:

  • Affect good the membranes in human cells
  • Positively change 160 physiological issues and 700 genes too
  • Has a positive impact on inflammation molecules, DNA, cell survival and more.

Also, experts have said curcuma treats neurological issues, the liver issues, autoimmune, inflammatory, metabolic problems, also lung and heart issues too.

To add, the curcuma also can treat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The curcuma also improves the brain work and makes it optimal since it removes inflammation and gives antioxidants. A recent study confirmed with animal tests, said that turmeric has bioactive item called turmerone which is amazing for neurons health and treating Alzheimer’s along the curcuma that repairs brain cells.

So, also was stated that a few items in this root improve the brain stem cells and at the same time some drugs change the stem cells into neurons and this is a major breakthrough in medicine.

As we said, many studies show curcuma is good for treating Alzheimer’s. to explain this, it has many good items that block the beta-amyloid, or the item that makes plaque this interferes with the Alzheimer’s. So, these patients are impacted with more brain inflammation, but the curcuma stops this damage and byproducts like 5-lipooxygenase and cyclooxygenase-2 enzymes and other such hormones/enzymes of inflammation. Also, due to the benefit of curcuma and inflammation, it also is used for osteoarthritis pain, a study confirmed these patients who had 200 mg curcuma daily, had less pain and better mobility.

Sounds unbelievable but curcuma can affect all cancers. It prevents and cures even some cancers like breast, lung, bowel, colon, skin, liver and stomach cancers due to the antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and anti-cancer agents. Precisely, curcuma stops cancer growth and chronic diseases.

The curcuma also is the most studied item of nature as far as cancer is researched.

The most known natural physician, Dr. William Lavalley said the curcuma is unique and can be used for cancer curing.

Also curcuma fights cancer due to molecule paths when it enters the cells. It kills the cancer cells and leaves the healthy cells alone.

Many other studies exist that praise the curcuma as better than chemo for cancer curing.

On the other hand, raw honey is also medicinal when taken regularly.

The mix of turmeric and honey improves digestion, elevates good bacteria levels in intestines and is like antibiotic for the immunity against all viruses and bacteria.

The best part is that this is natural so it has no side effects.


  • 100 g honey
  • 1 tbsp organic powder of turmeric

Mix them well in a glass or jar.


In case of flu and cold, take ½ spoon every 60 min.

The next day, have ½ spoon every 2 hours.

The third day have ½ tbsp. 3 times daily.

This cure is not just swallowed but you have to let it melt inside the mouth. Have it with tea or milk too.