The Essential Oil Trick That Can Clean The Air In Your Home Better Than Any Diffuser


Essential oils are well known for their wide plethora of benefits, including a boosted immune system, enhanced concentration, stress relief, and many more.  However, are we getting the most of them?  Many people use diffusers for their essential oils, but it turns out that they need nebulizer instead in order to maximize their effects.

Diffusers vs. Nebulizers


While there are many variations of diffusers available, ultrasonic diffuser is the most common one.  It works by pouring the oil in the water at the base of the machine.  Heat and ultrasonic vibrations stir the water, causing it to turn into a mist which releases into the air.  The blend of oil and water adds moisture to the air, serving as a humidifier.


Unlike diffusers, nebulizer doesn’t need water or heat.  To turn the oil into a mist, this device uses an atomizer of compressed air.  Therefore, it is much more powerful when compared to a diffuser, since it doesn’t alter the chemical composition of the oil. Additionally, it doesn’t release moisture into the air as it doesn’t use any water in the first place.

In medicine, a nebulizer is used as breathing therapy or a treatment for asthma. It comes in either electric or battery-run version and is made of a base that holds an air compressor, a small container for liquid medicine, and a tube connecting the air compressor to the container, which comes in the form of mouthpiece or mask.

Both of these nebulizers help purify the air, remove bad odors in the air, and boost relaxation.  Most importantly, these devices are the best thing you can use in order to get the most of your essential oil.

What To Look For

A nebulizer can be purchased in stores like Beyond and Bed Bath or online websites like eBay and Amazon.  Here are a few tips on what to look for when getting one:

  • Easy to clean
  • Portability (lithium-ion battery operated for longer use between charges)
  • Area of coverage
  • Cold diffusion as it keeps more of the therapeutic benefits than heat
  • Timer so it releases the mist intermittently
  • Power saving not to waste oil
  • Quick air saturation