The Doctors Have Cheated You For Years When They Suggested Doing Mammography!

Dr. Ben Johnson, author of the book The Secret of Health Breast Wisdom, speaks about mammograms. According to Dr. Johnson, the medical society causes breast cancer in women by recommending regular mammograms. So, according to this expert, mammograms cause cancer and they are definitely not healthy. Women should never accept regular mammogram check-ups.

Even though, there are other experts who claim that mammograms cause cancer, most gynecologists always recommend this kind of check-up to women. Unbelievably, mammograms increase the risk of dying from breast cancer by 4%.

So, the primary detection technique that we are using is very dangerous. It includes smashing the breast and exposing them to radiation. Moreover, it is often ineffective terrible test. 50% of the women with breast cancer are usually not diagnosed with the mammogram test. There are different tests that are far more effective and far more safe, and they definitely don’t cause breast cancer. Yet, women are always bothered by the doctors when they don’t do a mammogram examination.

There are two better options for detecting breast cancer. If there is a lump on the breast, an ultrasound examination is an excellent choice. With the ultrasound the doctors can see the lump and its consistency. They can determine where there is calcium in the lump and whether there is increased blood flow as tumors have this kind of blood flow. Ultrasounds detect 80% of breast cancer, which is far more better than the 50% of mammograms.

If there is no lump and the examination for breast cancer is only a matter of prevention, thermography can be done. In this examination an infrared thermal camera is used. This does not smash the breasts or expose them to radiation that causes cancer.

The heat that we omit is called infrared. It is not visible to the eyes, but the camera can detect it. This was developed by the military in order to track enemies and missiles since they are producing heat. Night vision goggles are also infrared and function in the same manner.

Cancer cells appear much more early than the tumor. Around 10 years are needed for a tumor to be formed. At least 8 years are needed for a tumor to reach one centimeter in size, so that it can be detected. One centimeter means 1 billion cells. This is not an early detection. It is only propaganda to take regular mammogram tests.

To conclude, mammogram is not an early detection. It is only an exposure to radiation that causes more breast cancer spreading than detecting.