Take These Leaves and Burn Them in the Center of the House. Every Problem Will Be Gone After 10 Minutes


And also have you heard that every Olympiad winner had laurel on his head for his victory? This accentuates the importance of this in history and there is a reason for this.

Side note: this herb Is mostly used as spice, but for healing with laurel and the berries of it it was known long time ago. The best active agents in this are cineol and pinene. Also we have to say that it has soothing essential oils too. experts claim the laurel has psychoactive impact and this is done through chewing the bay leaves.

These benefits are mentioned in many legends and myths, like the one of Delphi; people chew bay leaves and can see the future! Also, the essential oils of the bay leaves soothe your body and mind while they burn.

Bay leaves for anxiety and stress

Put one such leaf in ashtray and light it. After 10 minutes the room will smell amazing and soothe the tense energy.

The bay leaf soothes belly ulcers too and relieves chronic pain (colic) and flatulence too. It is used also as arthritis cure, for pain in muscles, and flu. This leaf is famous everywhere and I is even put on the head of Olympic winners.


This leaf helps for the rheumatoid issues, is antiseptic, diuretic, antioxidant and sedative for the mood. These leaves and berries can cure hysteria, stomach flu and neurasthenia.

Source: www.myhealthylifevision.net