Store-Bought Deodorants Contain Cancer-Causing Ingredients – Use This Instead


Our body produces sweat to protect itself from infections. Sweat contains dermcidin, a compound that destroys bacteria and prevents them from entering the body.

The deodorants and antiperspirants we use to obstruct this natural protection mechanism by closing the sweat channels. To do this, they use toxic substances like aluminum. The bacteria are allowed to grow, spread, and also get inside your organism. In addition, deodorants are packed with other toxic substances that can cause various health problems, including Alzheimer’s, cancer and damage to the reproductive organs.

That is why you should stop using these products ASAP! There is a natural solution that will fight the unpleasant body odors. It is very efficient and safe to use.

Natural Antiperspirant Recipe

For this homemade solution, you need a fresh, ripe lime. Simply cut this fruit in half and rub the pieces under the armpits. Wait for it to dry, then put on your clothes. This is to prevent any stains on your shirts and give the citric acid an opportunity to work.

This natural antiperspirant is effective for several hours. Don’t throw away the lime parts! You can re-use them a few more times. Just make sure they are placed in a clearly marked container in the refrigerator.

How Does It Work?

The bad smell you feel does not come from the sweat itself, but from the dying bacteria. The bacteria fight the active component dermcidin and continue to grow.

Lime juice has antibacterial properties and neutralizes the remaining bacteria. This means that, unlike deodorants that only cover the bad smell. Lime will actually get rid of it!