Stop Vertigo With Ease Using This Simple Trick


Vertigo is a health condition that is commonly caused by problems in the inner ear but can also happen due to problems in certain parts of the brain or the central nervous system. In case you suffer from vertigo the following trick can be very helpful.

The trick discovered by Dr. Carol Foster, an associate Professor of Otolaryngology at the University of Colorado Hospital. Dr. Foster says that this trick is a half-somersault maneuver which has helped many patients throughout the whole world.

The trick

Start by getting down on your knees and look up at the ceiling. Place your head down on the floor like you are going to perform a somersault. Turn your head to the left facing your left elbow and breathe until the dizziness subsides. Then turn your head back to the center and raise it but make sure it is in line with your back. Sit back and you should feel the relief immediately.

Dr. Foster said that everyone who suffers from vertigo should try this technique. She also joked that wants to dispel the dizziness from all around the world.