This Are The Signs That You’re Eating Way Too Much Sugar


Cutting out sugar has been a dietary goal for a lot of people in the past couple of decades. As a child, you might remember your parents telling you that no, you can’t eat candy for breakfastand Halloween was an amazing time because of all that sugar.

But as we get older and we learn about proper nutrition, we might come to realize that drinking soda and eating a lot of chocolate probably isn’t good for our health.

The fact is, too much glucose can have some pretty serious side effects or diseases like diabetes.

So, how do you know you’re eating too much sugar? Well, here are twelve signs to help you identify it and cut back!

1. Exhaustion. When your blood sugar levels are high, your body is unable to absorb glucose properly which means your cells aren’t receiving the fuel to give you energy.

2. Frequent urination. High blood sugar levels prevent your kidneys from absorbing fluid which causes the body to equalize the glucose concentration in your blood by dissolving it with intracellular fluid. Essentially, this just makes you urinate a lot.

3. Always hungry. When glucose is unable to enter the cells it prevents your body from receiving energy as said in number one. Your body searches for energy causing a ravenous appetite.

4. Unquenchable thirst. Because the body loses out on fluids (goes back to #2) when your blood sugar levels are too high, your body assumes it is dehydrated. This can also lead to a dry mouth.