How To Remove Rust From Your Tub


Nobody wants to see rust in their home, particularly in the bathroom. It can be quite embarrassing especially if you are having guests over and you don’t want them to see your bathroom. Luckily, people from Great Home Painting have discovered a solution that can help you get rid even of the worst rust stains. Keep reading to discover what causes the rust and how to remove it.

According to Great Home Painting, the reasons for appearance of rust are either iron particles in the water that stain the area where the water runs or if the iron-containing materials in the bathroom start to rust. Whatever the cause, even if you have a porcelain tub it doesn’t mean that it is safe from rust.

People at Great Home Painting have tried using cleaning agents such as Comet, Soft Scrub and Lysol however, they didn’t do the trick. Then they have discovered that hydrogen peroxide or Clorox2 can work like wonder. You just need to pour a little product directly on the stain and leave it to work. Then scrub the stain gently using a sponge and rinse with water.

Another excellent, cheap and safe method is a mixture of salt and vinegar.

Try one of these methods for removing rust and tell us which one worked for you. Share this article to help a friend or family member get rid of those annoying stains.