Remove All The FAT And PARASITES From Your Body With Only 2 Ingredients


In this article, we are going to show you a recipe which can possibly assist you remove additional fat from your body in a short amount of time.

The dish is excellent if you have a big occasion coming up however you don’t have the time to undergo a typical exercise program.

Down below is the 2-ingredient recipe which will melt fat deposits from your body in no time:

Components you will need:

-1 kg. of Lemons
-400 grams of Celery


Start by including the 400 grams of celery in 2 liters of water. Next, add a bit of lemon peel and cook the mix for 20 minutes, before setting it aside to cool off and adding the lemon juice in the mixture. When done, strain the mixture and put it in a glass bottle.

As soon as done, you can consume the beverage 3 times a day before each meal (1 dl). If you feel like the mixture is too effective for you, don’t hesitate to dilute it with a little water.

Make certain you keep the mixture in the fridge and if you’ve followed all these guidelines correctly, you will effectively burn excess fat and get rid of toxins from your body.