Relieve Headache In Just 5 Minutes No Matter How Strong It Is


More than once we may be affected by severe headache or migraine caused by stress, another factor can be poor nutrition among other factors. This type of discomfort can occur when we are away from home and without any medication or remedy that can alleviate that discomfort.

Today we will talk about the benefits of acupressure to relieve headache. Using the acupressure technique to relieve headache, you will be eliminating the pain in just 5 minutes and you will not have to suffer throughout the day.


It originates from the basis of reflexology and acupuncture; The technique of self-massage.

The positive effects of acupressure are scientifically recognized.

How is acupressure practiced? Just look for a position where you feel comfortable and relaxed and then massaging various areas with circular movements and smooth for a minute.

We mark the key areas to massage and thus end the headache immediately.

Yintang Point

It is known as the third eye, this point is between the eyebrows, where the nose meets the forehead.

Massage at this point and help you quickly eliminate internal fatigue.

Punto Zan Zhu

This point can be located systematically at the base of the inner edge of the eyebrows.

By massaging through the acupressure technique, you will improve the acuity of the vision and reduce the secretions of your nostrils.

Ying Xiang Points

You will find these points next to the nostrils, aligned with the eyes, below the cheekbones.

When massaging this area you can relieve headache and also stress and toothache.

Shuai Gu Points

These points will be found 3 centimeters from the hair line to the side of the ears. It is very easy to find them because you will see some small holes.

With this massage in that area using the acupressure technique, you will relieve eye fatigue and headache.

Punto He Gu

This point you will find easily located in the back of the hand, specifically in the middle of the thumb and forefinger.

By treating this point, you can relieve toothache, back pain and tension build up in the neck.

This acupressure technique is very effective in relieving certain types of aches and pains instantly.

Start using this technique right now, acupressure to relieve headache and other discomfort.