Pick A Door And See What Your Future Tells You


This test has become viral after the many reports that its results are pretty accurate. All you have to do is to look at the arches and then pick a path.  As simple as it seems,  your choice tells a lot about your future.

If you chose number 1: Your path is freeing and you are a person who needs freedom to carve their path on themselves. You hate constrictions and are highly rebellious and independent. You also don’t like confrontation and being rushed as you prefer taking time to enjoy life.

If you chose number 2:  Your path is private and you are a person who prefers travelling alone. You like to take time observing, thinking, and sorting things out. You are quite insightful, original, and unique. Your worldview is much different than the others` but they can benefit a lot from your opinions and point of view. It is worth mentioning that you are understanding  and loyal friend but you need time to connect with others.

If you chose number 3:  Your path is colorful and you are fully engaged person.  Your path is filled with beauty, color, and excitement. You want to see and experience it all and don’t want to be excluded from the world. You are witty, intelligent, curious, and eager to learn more.  Therefore, you often ask a lot of questions and talk to all sorts of people.

If you chose number 4: Your path is exciting and you are person who often steps in the world of the unknown, without thinking too much about the consequences. Although your path is unpredictable and even scary, you are simply drawn to the unknown.  You are spontaneous and prone to acting without thinking.

If you chose number 5: Your path is welcoming, clear, and enjoyable. You tend to take the easy choice whenever possible and hate being bothered. You simply don’t want to complicate things as live is hard and complicated enough. You are down to earth, stable, and highly supportive.

If you chose number 6:  Your ideal path is quiet and you are person who enjoys spending time alone. But, although you don’t like crowds, this doesn’t mean that you don’t like people.  To the contrary, you like people and cherish one on one interaction.  You look for meaning in every aspect of life and live your life deliberately.

Source : www.healthyfoodheadlines.com