No More Hair Dye! This Black Water Will Make Your Gray Hair Disappear Forever!


You cannot do anything to stop the symptoms that are coming with aging but you can surely do something to solve those issues that are coming along with aging. As we age the hair follicles will slow down their ability to create melanin and that will lead to grey or white hair.

It is a really normal thing to have grey hair as you get older but the problem appears when you start growing gray hair prematurely.

In order to prevent the premature whitening of your hair you should follow the following trick:

Get these ingredients:

-5 or 6 medium or large potatoes;
-bottle of old shampoo;
-large pot;
-big bowl;
-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Here is what you will need to do:

Peel the potatoes and place the potato aside and the skin of the potato in the pot and pour gallon of water. Place the water on the heat so it can boil for around 20 minutes to half an hour (together with the skin of potatoes). Into a large bowl, strain the water afterwards and separate the skin from the water. Transfer the water in a jar with flushing the husks. You should use good moisturizing products because gray hair is more fragile and dry. Apply the prepared mixture on your hair and leave it for around 2 minutes and after that with warm water wash it off.

Here are some tips that can help you to prevent gray hairs:

-Drink plenty of water or the minimum should be 8 glasses of water each day. You should avoid consuming excessive amounts of coffee and as well alcohol. Your hair will be healthier and younger if you keep your body well hydrated.

-Do not stress because stress can make you age faster. Take your time and relax.

-Increase the intake of foods rich in copper. Lacking copper might increase the risk of premature appearance of grey hair so because of that increase the intake of beans, meats, pineapples, almonds, spinach, pomegranates and blackberries.

-Quit smoking. This is another good reason why you should stop smoking. Smoking is bad for not only the lungs but for the general health of the body. Smoking cigarettes can cause premature appearance of gray hair because it is reducing the blood circulation.