Here Is A Natural Way To Get Rid Of Knee Pain And Water In Your Knee!


The joints are composed of small amounts of fluids that are needed for proper functioning and these small amounts of fluids are usually not noticeable. But, excessive amount of liquids in it are problematic for they diminish the normal functions of the knee, causing painful symptoms.

The knee may swell due to injury on the tendons, meniscuses, and ligaments. Overuse of the knees or suffering from arthritis can also contribute to swollen knees. It can affect the knee joint or the surrounding tissue, or can also cause ‘water in the knee’.

Natural remedies can help, but if the swelling does not go away, you have to visit a doctor.

Home remedies for water in the knee

-Apply an ice pack on each 10 minutes.
-Quit smoking for this habit is reducing the blood and oxygen flow in the body, reducing the tissue’s ability to repair itself.
-Elevate the affected leg to the accumulated fluid to distribute naturally over the knee cavity. When you lie on the bed, place two pillow under the affected leg.

Recipe for reducing pain and water in the knee caused by injury


-1 tbsp. of salt;
-1 fresh egg yolk.

How to prepare it: mix the two ingredients and apply it on the affected spot, covering it with a nylon or cellophane. Finally, secure it with a bandage. Apply a fresh coating every 2 hours. You will be needing 5 coverages daily.

If in case the situation does not improve you need to visit a doctor.