Natural Remedies: A Safer Alternative to Painkillers


Did you know that the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can cause adverse side effects like stomach ulcers, heart problems and high blood pressure, especially when used long-term? That’s right, despite being the most commonly prescribed painkillers in the modern world, they can actually cause more problems that they solve. So, why put yourself through all the trouble when natural painkillers may just be as effective in making you feel better? Make the switch today!

Go for plants

Plant-based treatments have had a long history of use prior to the advent of modern medicines. But does this mean that they were effective? Or did people just use them because they were the only option available back then? Well, according to a study published by experts Daniel A. Dias, Sylvia Urban and Ute Roessner, a lot of modern drugs are based on natural sources, so there should definitely be no question as to how effective these plant-based remedies were. In addition, they are, in most cases, safer as well. In fact, instead of causing adverse side effects, some plant-based treatments like Kratom pack a host of health benefits instead.

Start meditating

Experts say that mindfulness and relaxation techniques also provide effective pain relief. After all, stress and increased tension are known to make pain worse, especially when they are the direct cause of it, as in the case of muscle pain and stress-induced headache. By taking them out of the equation you can effectively minimize or even completely eliminate the problem.

Take yoga, for example. Aside from helping you feel more relaxed, focused and in tune with yourself, certain yoga poses can actually relieve pain. However, if you want something focused solely on pain relief, then breathing exercises like the Lamaze technique commonly practiced by women in labor may be a better fit. Finally, there’s also this thing called hypnosis therapy, which despite having limited scientific studies to support it, have seen great success over the past 150 years or so that it has been in use.

Focus on treatments that don’t cause other problems

Drug-based painkillers may end up causing you other more serious health problems in the long run. Unfortunately, in most cases, this means you’ll have to take other drug-based remedies that have their own adverse side-effects, ultimately trapping you in a cycle of dependence. At the end of the day, the goal is to simply relieve the pain that you are feeling, so your focus should be on remedies that do just that.