Natural Cure For Ovarian Cysts And Kidneys!


Recipe for natural remedy that dissolves cysts on the kidneys and ovaries. This drug has helped many people to strengthen immunity after treatment of serious illnesses.

It is a healing green juice from sprouts and leaves from spelte (triticum spelta). First we will write a few words about this grain and then we will present you the healing recipe.

Spelte is grain which comes from southern Asia, on the Middle East was spread 9000 years ago and since then was spread to whole Europe. It was used for centuries and then its use died out and was used only as food in the diet of top racehorses.

Today, this grain is widely used, among other thing because many people who are allergic to wheat are not allergic to spelte. Take in mind that spelte definitely contains gluten, although in smaller amounts than some other grains and is not recommended to people who are allergic to gluten.

Also, spelte has pleasant and nutty flavor. It has thick membrane which makes it protected from insects as well as from pesticides and other toxic substances. Metaphorically, this thick membrane demonstrates the ability of this grain to strengthen the immune system.

Let us return to the recipe for a natural remedy that dissolves cysts on the ovaries and kidneys. The secret of this drink lies in the medicinal substances of spelte.

On first place, chlorophyll, which enriches the blood with oxygen and prevents the multiplication of cancer cells. Thanks to the fact that he discovered these substances and revealed their action on tumors, Dr. Otto Warburg won Nobel Prize in 1931.

The wonderful juice from spelte contains more than 300 enzymes, including the rare ones, which in the human body exist only after birth. After some time, under influence of stress, diet and toxins from the environment only a small amount of them remains in the liver.

However by consuming this drink, they are recreating and strength the body. Spelte is rich in vitamin B17 which destroys cancer cells. Also, it should be noted that this drink achieves the right effect only if it is consumed fresh or frozen.

For best, freeze it immediately after straining and every morning on an empty stomach take one or more ice cubes in a glass of water. The value of this drink is lost within an hour after it melts.

If you use this green juice, for less than month you will feel much better no matter from what you are suffering from.

Melt cysts on the ovaries and kidneys with help of this juice


It is necessary to take young green leaves, grind them and squeeze the juice. Place the juice in cubes for ice and freeze them. You need to have 72 cubes which you will use 1 of them for each day.

In the morning, place one cube in a glass of water and after it melts drink it. Inside the grain there are lots of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other necessary materials.

Also, the juice is good for other organs. You should wait until the grain is grown up to a height of about 15cm.