You Must Read This As There Is At Least One Toxic Bomb In Your Body… .. And Think What To Do Next


An interesting note is that the tumors, in most cases, appeared on the same side where the seal is created or some other operation on the tooth. One of the dental procedures that people are most worried are fillings. Also can be the most painful. Thousands of people who perform them are unaware of the risks they may have on their health, and life.

What’s filling?

Filling is a procedure where a dentist drill and remove the failed infected pulp and put a layer in the channel that will remove the remaining pulp. The channels are then filled with a certain material. The tooth is now effectively dead, and remains in the mouth.

Why filling is done?

The problem lies in the anaerobic bacteria that remain in the canal teeth and that can end up in the bloodstream, causing various health problems such as MS, ALS, and even cancer.

Dr George Maylin, wrote a book titled “Concealing seals” which deals with the issue of sealing. In this book he writes of in-depth research involving about 5,000 animals.

The study found that bacteria and toxins managed to escape into the bloodstream through the bony tooth socket. It was also shown that these organisms were responsible for a high percentage of chronic and degenerative diseases that are virtually epidemic in America.

Approximately 25% of the population has a strong immune system and are able to live without symptoms after sealing. That’s why dentists and dental surgeons believe, falsely, that the sealing are completely safe.

However, there are 75% of those whose immune systems do not work the best because of poor nutrition, accidents, illness, stress, etc. These are the individuals who developed symptoms because they have to go from doctor to doctor trying to find the answer to their troubles. A large percentage of these cases occurs due to bacteria originating from the root of the tooth, at tooth extraction or due to some other infection.

Recently, Dr. Robert Jones, a researcher, I found a great link between the tooth root and breast cancer.

He conducted a study of 5 years with 300 patients suffering from breast cancer, which showed that 93% of women with breast cancer have a seal. The remaining 7% had other problems with your teeth.

An interesting note is that the tumors are, in most cases, appeared on the same side where the seal is created or some other operation on the tooth.Dr Jones found that toxins from the bacteria in an infected tooth and jaw bones can inhibit the body’s natural ability to suppress tumor development.

Dental health is very important for the health of the whole organism.