Mosquitoes And Cockroaches Will Fall Dead Immediately With This Simple Homemade Recipe !!!


During the winter there aren’t any mosquitoes or cockroaches, but summer is already here and during the hot days there are a lot of annoying insects.

One of the options is to use some of the numerous products that you can buy in the pharmacies or in the stores, but these products are expensive and are loaded with harmful chemicals. If you decide to use such products you need to be especially careful if you have children or pets as they are very dangerous and may cause certain infections and severe health issues.

Instead of products that contain chemicals, our advice is to try this homemade recipe that is 100 % natural and safe for use. This mixture is cheap and yet incredibly efficient. It will help you to solve the problem with annoying cockroaches and mosquitoes.

Needed ingredients:

½ a cup vegetable oil

½ a cup shampoo

½ a cup vinegar

Preparation and use:

Take a spray bottle and pour the needed ingredients and shake well. After that, spray all over your house and your garden, as well. Spray your house twice a day and very soon you will notice the effects.

Mosquitoes and cockroaches will disappear and this mixture will prevent their reappearance.