Men Live Longer If They Marry THIS Type of Woman!


Do you know what qualities men want in a potential partner?

The Journal of Personality conducted a poll in 1997 and according to this poll reliability, warmth and fairness are the top desirable traits.

Dear men, we agree that these traits are very important; however you should reconsider your priorities after reading this new information.

It turns out that the key to a longer life is marrying an intelligent woman.

This discovery was made by experts at University of Aberdeen. The experts have come to the conclusion that men who have intelligent wives have a reduced risk of suffering from degenerative conditions including Alzheimer’s disease.

The MRI scans of most of the men included in the study showed signs of brain damage. The scans of those with intelligent wives, on the other hands, didn’t show any symptoms.

Lawrence Whalley, who is a professor of mental health at the University of Aberdeen, said that the people who didn’t show signs of dementia, but should have, are highly intelligent. These people also have high-powered careers and a lot of money in the bank.

How does that work?

According to many other studies, dementia can be prevented by intellectual stimulation. These studies have examined cognitive activities such as visiting museums, reading or crossword puzzles.

The study conducted in the University of Aberdeen has also made a great point.

Nothing can provide better stimulation for your intellect than your partner.

Unlike men, women usually tend to spend more time with their partner and they also value the importance of conversation much more.

Here is the real mind-blower

Neural coupling is a process during which the brains of two people sync up while they are having a successful conversation. This process is also the basis for engaging in a conversation.

The brain of the person who is listening fires in a pattern that matches the brain of the person who is speaking – but it fires before the speaker’s brain. This means, the person who is listening can predict what the other person is going to say next.

During this process, as the connection becomes stronger, the two people who are talking start understanding each other better.

How’s this for intellectual stimulation?

Were you lucky enough to find your intelligent wife? If you haven’t, don’t worry now that you know what to look for. And if you have, share this article with your friends so that they can also learn about the key to a longer life.
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