Many Of You Do This, But Experts Advise To NEVER Drink This In The Mornings!


Many people are in the habit of leaving a glass of water on their bedside table so that it’s nearby if they get thirsty during the night or in the morning. However, health experts advise that this may not be a healthy thing to do.

The thing is unlike food, tap water doesn’t contain carbohydrates of any protein, which makes it easily susceptible to pollution by microorganisms. This in fact accounts for the strange taste of the water that’s been left on a bedside table overnight. To be more specific, this water binds with air taking in some carbon dioxide, some of which converts into carboxylic acids. This changes the water structure.

Once these carboxylic acids release a few protons, they convert into a carbonate or bicarbonate, thus changing the pH value of this water, which in turn affects the water taste.

So, the next time you leave a glass of water on your bedside table, have in mind that it’s subject to microorganisms as well as high amounts of dust. Instead of drinking this, get a glass of clean fresh water. Your body will thank you for that!