Lose 1 Kg Per Day With This Juice – Fat Killer! (RECIPE)


With this magical juice, you can melt the pounds in a short time! It is clear that any weight loss brings with it a number of issues. During weight loss using only natural means, there is no room for concern.


Such is the case with this juice – killer fat that only 5 + 5 days can affect the body, so it will reduce the weight of the body beyond recognition.


The juice is made with lemon, parsley and water. Squeeze 1 lemon in a bowl and cut in 60 Grams, parsley.


Add 2 liters of water and mix the ingredients.


Within 5 days drink once a day before breakfast. Then make 10-day pause and again repeated 5 days of drinking the juice.

This prescription results in a significant and permanent weight loss. It melts at an average of 1 kg. a day, which means that after two procedures 5 days will lose weight for 10 kg. The good thing is that the break between the procedures does not adversely affect the reduction of weight and she comes back to this period.

This drink minimizes the risk of heart attacks, because it strengthens the heart and positively affects the blood in the body. It strengthens the kidneys and liver, leading to the successful discharge of toxins.

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