Look Up At The Blue Sky, If You See This, Visit Your Doctor Immediately, It Can Be Something Serious!


“Dots” or “eye floaters”, that just float in front of you when you look up the blue sky, or in a white surface, like wall, can be normal occurrence in most cases. But there is one case that can indicate some serious illness, and you must immediately visit your doctor!

What you see in these situations – are actually changes that are found inside the eye, not in front of you.

The front two thirds of the eyeballs is filled with a gelatinous substance called vitreous.

If you try to concentrate on them, these floating particles move towards the periphery of the eye.

It is about changing in the vitreous which is a appearance of fine particles that are mostly composed of collagen fibers.

These particles floating in the vitreous, blocking the light coming through the eyes and create a shadow on the retina and the back of the eye. It is actually the shadowsthat you see.

Is there reason to panic?

There is reason to panic if you suddenly see such floating particles and if they are accompanied by flashes of light or momentary loss of vision. Then you should immediatelyvisit an ophthalmologist.

In fact, such occurrences can indicate inflammation, bleeding, cut or separation of the retina, which may be repaired if you act in time.

Therefore see a doctor as soon as possible because if you postpone it can come to permanent blindness. On the other hand, the occasional “eye floaters” are not such a big concern.