Lemon and Baking Soda – Great Combination: 1,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy


Lemon as worldwide famous fruit has lots of health benefits. Lemon has been used in treating variety of diseases. Lemon is great source of vitamin C that’s why is good as treatment in many health issues.

Lemon is also beneficial for treating cancer. It has been known that lemon has anti-cancer properties beneficial for treating different kinds of cancer confirmed with studies.

Lemon has power to act even on 12 types of cancer. This is even confirmed by the largest drug manufactures.

Comparing lemon with chemotherapy it has been proven that lemon is 1000 stronger than the chemo- effects, or the effects of narcotic products.

Baking soda is another household ingredient beneficial for the health. But combined together with lemon is the most powerful combination against cancer cells.

The good news is that this simple and natural treatment has no negative effects on the body.

For best results it is recommended usage of organic lemons because they are not chemically treated with chemical fertilizers.

How this combination works:

In order to stop or prevent development of cancer it is necessary to be created an alkaline environment because it is known that cancer thrives in an acidic environment.


1 teaspoon baking soda

Juice of 1 lemon

240 ml filtered water


Mix all the ingredients and consume this drink at least 3 times during the day.

There are several important factors for maintaining perfect pH in the body:

Your diet should consist of 80% fresh vegetables and fruits, especially vegetables like spinach and kale

Make sure to consume at least half a liter of purified water on a daily basis

Check your pH levels regularly

Reduce the stress level, and try to be more relaxed.

Source: www.dailyhealthgen.com