Did You Know The Purpose Of The Banana Peel Strings?


Bananas are a great and healthy choice for a midnight snack. Plus, it does not take too much effort to peel. Except when those pesky little springs begin to frustrate you. You know the ones; you finish peeling your banana and have to spend a few extra seconds removing the annoying pale, dry strings that run the length of your fruit.

Evidently, they have an actual name that we bet you never knew. The strings are called phloem bundles. And no, they are not just there to irk you. They actually serve a pretty cool purpose.

The phloem is a type of tissue that acts as the plant’s vascular system. Its main job is to deliver nutrients in all nooks and crannies of your fruit.

Do you throw the phloem bundles away? Well, as it turns out, they are edible. Sure, they do not taste that great but it doesn’t hurt to eat them.

Oh, one more fun banana fact: The inside of the peel can be used to polish leather, clean houseplants or even fix scratched DVDs.

Did we just give you one more reason to love bananas? If we did, don’t forget to share. It’s fun when we all learn together.