Do You Know That It’s Not Healthy To Dry Clothes On The Radiator? Here’s Why …


Cold weather and low temperatures forced us to close the windows and doors, and the room warm and cozy. Unfortunately, drying clothes must take place under these conditions. However, researchers warn of why we need to avoid this.

Scottish researchers from the Faculty of Architecture in Scotland found that many homes have too much moisture, and drying clothes and dressing rooms in apartments are responsible for 30 percent of this moisture.

Three quarters of the surveyed hundreds of homes had moisture, dust mites and increased concentration of mold. Of course that this kind of air cause asthma and similar allergy, especially in children.

Total 87 percent of homes in Glasgow in which the study was conducted, are drying clothes indoors in cold weather, of which two-thirds of them clothes drying on a radiator. This increases the amount of moisture, and later problems with the airways.

– People are looking to take advantage as much as possible of the radiators and other heaters during the winter, but do not think that it is necessary to have ventilation in these cold days – explained Colin Porteous, the leader of the study.

His team has found the solution in introducing a common room for drying in buildings in order to alleviate this problem.

Researchers have warned that if the often substandard breathe the air and mold can lead to inflammation and allergic reactions, especially asthma.

Symptoms of infection respiratory mold and air pollution include coughing, constant tiredness, irritation to the eyes, throat and skin, headaches or nausea.