Instantly Improve Your Eyesight and Reduce Eye Strain With These 5 Eye Acupressure Points


Naturally, some points of the body are more sensitive compared to others. For instance, the eyes are one of those sensitive points.  They are necessary for us to live and function normally, as they help us go through the day and complete day-to-day tasks. Any issues related to the eyes are a serious problem, seeking an immediate solution. The good news is that treatments like acupressure are quite beneficial, and if practiced on a regular basis they can significantly improve daily functioning.

Important Acupressure Points for Eye Health

1. The Rim of Eyes

The ball of the eye is surrounded by bones, where a few pressure points that can be beneficial for relieving pain and other eye-related ailments are located.  The acupressure points located in this area include:

UB-1 (also known as Jingming): This spot can be detected at the area where the inner corner of the eye meets the nose.  It is beneficial when suffering from hysteria with vision loss, glaucoma, and early stage cataracts. It is located in the urinary bladder channel.

UB-2 (also known as Zanzhu): Zanzhu, which is also located on the urinary bladder channel, is located between the eyebrows, very close to the nose.

Yuyao:  Located in the middle point of the eyebrow, this point helps with mental strain and worry caused by working too much.

SJ 23 (also known as Sizhukong): This point is located on the triple burner channel, a spot on the outside end of the eyebrow. It helps when dealing with facial issues and eye-related problems.

GB 1 (also known as Tongziliao): On the gallbladder channel, the outside part of the eye socket.  It helps with blurred vision, dry eyes, sore eyes, and itchy eyes.

ST 1 (also known as Chenggi):  Located below the pupil of the eye, it helps with issues related to the eyeball.

Massage the points gently, beginning with B1-1 and continuing up and outward. Focus for approximately 10 seconds on each point.

You can do this at intervals during the day. Experts recommend deep breathing while practicing the massage so that the eye gets sufficient amount of oxygen. Pay attention to each are, making sure you go very slowly.

2. The Third Eye

Located between the eyebrows, at the middle point of the T zone, the third eye helps improve vision and alleviate emotional stress.  Press the point very gently, preferably for 7-8 minutes.

3. Bridge of the Nose

This point is found below the inner edge of an eyebrow and it runs the nose.  Applying pressure to both sides at the same time using the thumbs helps treat eye strain and fatigue.

4. Top Edge of the Nostril

Stimulating this point helps with nasal congestion and blurred vision. All you have to do is to apply slight pressure on each side of the nose, a little bit above the area where holes open wider. For best results, do this for 5 minutes on a daily basis.

5. Tip of Each Thumb

This is one of the nest acupressure for eyes as the tips f the thumbs are connected to the eye muscles. To relieve pain and strain in these muscles, massage the tip of the thumb with the other thumb. A regular practice of this massage can notably improve the eyesight.