Honey Wraps Gently Cure Cough And Remove Mucus From The Lungs In Just One Night!


Cough and cold can be seen as minor ailments that may not concern most people. However, if you are not serious about treating them in time, you should be ready to see them turn into not only highly irritating condition, but also a dangerous disease. If you have dry cough, it is going to be even more irritating. This is due to the reason that dry cough leaves you feeling uncomfortable and even worse than normal cough.

Dry coughs can be so irritating that they even prevent you from concentrating on your work or anything else. In fact, they can also cause annoyance to those near you. The irritation can be almost three times as much at night. This type of cough will prevent you from sleeping.

People all across the world will always be heading to the pharmacy to get relief from this type of cough. People would use just any cough syrup that they can find.

Cough Syrup is Not the Treatment

Before you use any cough syrup, it should be known that it is not a treatment. It is simply going to suppress the symptoms. How it works is to suppress those signals to your brain which cause coughing. Consider how harmful that can be to interfere with your body’s normal functioning.

Dextromethorphan and codeine are the two main ingredients in most cough syrups. Both of them will suppress the signals sent to your brain for triggering the process of coughing. At the same time they will also send you to sleep. You should fear about the following side effects that can be caused by these ingredients:

– Headaches

– Increased heart rate

– Drowsiness

Use Honey Wraps to Treat Your Coughs

Honey is without doubt among the healthiest of all foods that you can come across. The health benefits offered by honey help your body in fighting various types of health problems. Flu, common cold, and relief from chronic cough are just few to name. Honey wraps will help you reduce your chronic cough while also getting rid of mucus from your lungs. The treatment is safe for both adults and children.

What is Honey Wrap Treatment?

Hone wrap requires the ingredients:

– Honey

– Olive oil

– Flour

You will also need gauze, napkin, and band-aid adhesive tape.

How to Prepare?

It is so easy to prepare.

– Take small amount of honey and mix with flour.

– Keep mixing until it doesn’t stick to your hands any longer. The mixture will be used for compresses.

– Add little olive oil to it.

– Roll the olive oil in along with some flour.

– Take a napkin and put the mixture on it.

– Wrap it in cheesecloth.

– Use the plaster adhesive tape for attaching it to your chest/back.

Now put on your pajamas and it’s done.

If you will be using these honey wraps for your child, it is important that you stick them at least 3 hours before he/she goes to bed. Make sure to remove it. You should also ensure that your child doesn’t have any injuries or skin problems before using the honey wraps.

If the honey wraps are used for adults, they can be kept through the night without any worries. You must also keep in mind that wearing the honey wraps will cause excess sweating. So you should be careful about keeping the sheets protected.

It is recommended that you should follow this treatment for a few nights if you feel that the first treatment has not given you the desired results. Follow it until you get full relief from cough.

When using honey wraps you will not have to worry about any kind of side effects. It is fully natural and safe.

If you are suffering from cold or flu, make sure to try the homemade honey wraps. You will be amazed by the results. Make sure to share this highly effective treatment with your friends and family.