Here’s What Your Thumb Length Reveals About Your Personality


Biologists claim that people with different proportions of the fingers and their phalanges have a different character. Well, look at your thumb. Which version of the above image is most similar to your thumb?

A. The lower half of the thumb is longer than the upper

If your thumb looks like this version you are a reliable partner that is worth to be trusted. You are careful andsee things objectively, without bias. You do not want torush, but enjoy the slow rhythm and are thoughtful.

Have an intolerance to pressure, especially one that lastsa long time. Therefore partners wishing to dramatize notsuit you, not even perfectionists. You‘re someone who prefers to be left to the circumstances.

B. The two phalanges of thumb haveapproximately the same length

Pragmatic person who likes planning, good organization and order. You plan everything in advance and just so youcan feel confident and calm. You are one of those persons who are experiencing themselves that live for the moment, in the present.

You do not show your emotion out on the light. In any case, at least not until you are sure to where they might lead. You are quite mysterious, curiousand interesting person. Always have things to talk about.

C. The upper phalanx of the thumb is longer than the bottom

You are a passionate person, when in love you act like a lunatic.”

When you fall in lovethe rest of the world ceases to exist for you. You are ready to forget anything else in the world for a loved one. In the relationship you have a fiery passion.