Girl Bullied For Being Scrawny Starts Doing Push Ups. Her Transformation 100 Days Later Will Blow Your Mind!


We all dream of being fit and healthy, of having that perfect body but it requires will power and a lot of hard work which is something that not all of us are willing to do. We keep making excuses for ourselves and waiting until tomorrow but tomorrow keeps getting put off.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just about the people who have those extra few pounds.

There are many people who are considered extremely underweight. They have a tremendous struggle with putting weight on.

The truth is there are very few people who are actually satisfied with their bodies.

Recently a video of one such young girl was reposted on YouTube.

The video starts off with the young girl doing a push up and the caption reads, ‘I always felt self-conscious about my body.’

She can be seen struggling with her first push up. On Day 2, the caption reads, ‘Everyone says I am scrawny.’

It appears as though her self-consciousness about her body is a result of people bullying her for being too skinny.

Body shaming is prevalent all over the globe. It’s more common among women. People judge what is right for someone else. What people don’t realize is the devastating effects that it can have on the victims.

This girl made a healthy decision to transform her body.

That one decision she made to do something positive for her body by doing push ups will reap huge benefits both physically and mentally.

There are countless cases where the victims of bullying start starving or binge eating under the pressure of trying to meet the acceptable body standards. Instead of focusing on meeting these impractical standards, people should rather concentrate on giving their 100% to being fit and healthy.

When the girl in the video took their challenge, she was having trouble accepting her body. But by the time she reached Day 31, she was already doing a nearly perfect triangle pushup. Even though her hands weren’t properly overlapping, they were close enough to show her progress. By Day 34, she had started increasing the difficulty even more by raising her foot level using a chair.

Her progress is really encouraging as it shows that she tried really hard to reach her fitness goals.

By Day 70, the girl is confident enough that she tries doing a clap in the middle of a push up. Even though she fails and falls face first on the floor, it is evident that she accepts her body better now.

Hard work and dedication are two things that can ensure that you reach your goal no matter how tough the path may seem.

This is exactly what the amazing girl in this video shows by doing an explosive pushup with a clap in mid-air. One can clearly see how full of confidence she is by the end of the video. Her body is much more muscular now and she looks much fitter.

Take the 100 day challenge and transform your life.

It doesn’t have to be just fitness, it can be any goal that you have set for yourself that you really want to achieve. Only your efforts will bear you fruits.

**This amazing girl proves what determination and a strong will power can earn you. Kudos to her for her amazing transformation.

Watch the video.**