What Your Fingerprints Say About You: The Link Between Fingerprints and Personality


Fingerprints are uniquely our own, and are as singular as a snowflake. Formed in the womb, they are one of the few aspects of our physiology that remains unchanged throughout our lives. But did you know that lurking within the ridges on your finger tips are the secrets of your personality? Your fingerprints reveal who you are in more ways then one.

The Art of Fingerprint Reading

The art of studying fingerprints to determine personality traits has been practiced for thousands of years and is believed to have originated in India. As well as studying fingerprints, many practitioners also use foot and palm prints to ascertain information about a person’s health and character.

Many palm readers use a combination of the lines and mounts on a person’s palm as well as their fingerprints to discern a complete profile of the person they are dealing with. The type of fingerprint and which finger it is found on reveals a lot about the person.

There are three basic types of fingerprints, the loop, the whorl and the arch. The variations and finger placement reveal aspects of the holders personality. Most people have a combination of fingerprint types on each hand: for example a whirl fingerprint on the thumb and a looped fingerprint on the index finger.

The Loop

This is the most commonly seen type of fingerprint. People with looped fingerprints tend to be of average intelligence with a pleasant even tempered demeanor. They are quite happy to go with the flow and are generally content in life. They make excellent partners and employees and are comfortable following rather then leading.

The Whorl

The second most prevalent fingerprint is the whorl. Those who bare these fingerprints tend to be above average in intelligence, independent and have a dominant personality type. They would much rather lead then follow. Finger placement of the whirl is of the utmost importance as it reveals much about the personality. A whorl on the thumb reveals high intellect and a strong will. Whirls on both thumbs may indicate a controlling nature and an “iron will,” or lack of flexibility. Someone who predominantly possesses whorls on their finger tips can be extremely intelligent, organized, exacting and controlling. A strong willed perfectionist.

A hand that has only one or two whorled fingerprints is very desirable as it shows a bright, organized mind without the desire for perfectionism.

The Arch

This fingerprint is seen less then the loop or the whirl and is said to be the sign of someone with an an analytical mind who is practical and cautious. They prefer traditional values and do not like change. People with numerous arches on their fingertips can be difficult to get along with as they are very set in their ways. A career with a high level of methodology and little surprise suits someone with these kind of prints.

The Tented Arch

The barer of this fingerprint shares the same character traits as those of the standard arch, but they tend to be more pronounced. Typically people with one or more of these fingerprints have an anxious and excitable disposition and are prone to anxiety disorders. Much depends on finger placement, for example a tented arch fingerprint found on the little finger, which is the finger that relates to communication and sexual tastes, may denote some speech peculiarities and perversions.

The Double Loop

This fingerprint is unusual and often the sign of someone with a duplicitous nature. Put quite simply, a liar. Con-artists and criminals often have this fingerprint. They can be emotionally unstable and difficult to be in a relationship with. That being said, those who bare this mark are known to be able to see both sides of an issue and also make good lawyers. Proceed with caution if you see this fingerprint on someone you plan on becoming involved with.

The Peacock Eye

This print is somewhat rare and looks like a typical looped fingerprint with a whirl in the center thus giving it the appearance of a peacock eye. It is thought to be the sign of someone with artistic talents, especially if seen on the ring finger which is said to connect with our creativity and inner self. Also it also signifies someone who is happy marching to the beat of their own drum and who may seem a little odd. It would not be unusual for the possessor of this fingerprint to have an unusual personal style and work in a creative field.

So Much More…

Obviously the selection presented here is only a snapshot of the various fingerprint types and what they could potentially mean. There is no denying that it’s a fascinating area of study that could well help you become a better judge of character or at the very least provide you with a fun skill to bust out at parties.

Source: www.exemplore.com