Excellent Drink That Melt 10 cm Stomach Fat Waist As If By Magic!


The following recipe is made from simple ingredients which when combined together can help you reduce your waistline in just four days by up to 10 cm.

The ingredients needed to prepare this drink are these:

-fresh ginger

-fresh mint leaves

-1 cucumber

-1 lemon

-8.5 glasses of water


Wash the lemon, cut it in half and only remove the seeds, but don’t peel it.  Cut the lemon halves in a few places and put them in a bowl with the water.

Peel the cucumber, chop it into rings and add them in the water along with the washed 8 to 10 mint leaves. You should peel the ginger, chop it and add it to the other ingredients. Mix everything together, cover the bowl and refrigerate overnight.

You should repeat this procedure for four days, making fresh mixture each day, and drink the beverage during the day in order to get the best results.

Source: www.tophealthylife24h.com