How To Eliminate All Gallstones In 7 Days With This Chinese Secret


Gallstones happen to many people around the world. Surprisingly, the Chinese have the right solution for this unpleasant issue. With the form of a pear, gallbladder represents 4 inches organ located under the top right part of your abdomen, under the liver.

This organ stores the bile, a mixture between cholesterol, fat and liquids. The gallbladder transports the bile in the small intestines and the bile decomposes the fats of the food in the intestines.

The completely natural remedy that we will present you today was discovered by Dr. Lai Chui Nan.

If not cured properly, gallstones can cause jaundice, pain and even cancer. According to Dr. Lai, the patients often have gallstones in the gallbader before developing more serious disease such as cancer. Feeling of heaviness after a heavy meal is the general symptom of this issue. You actually feel like you can not digest the food.

In order to remove the gallstones, these are the methods offered by Dr. Lai. This powerful treatment is especially goof for people with weak liver.


Consume 4-5 apples or drink 4 glasses of apple juice during the first 5 days. This juice smoothens the stones.

Skip the dinner on the 6th day.

Take mixture between a glass of lukewarm water and a tsp of Epsom salt at 6.p.m. on the 6th day.

Repeat the same at 8 p.m.

Take a ½ cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice with half cup of olive oil at 10 p.m. Mix it and consume it immediately. The olive oil facilitates this step and lubricates the stones.

You will notice green stones in the stool in the following morning.

According to Dr. Chiu, his patients usually find 40-100 stones. It is extremely effective to have healthy gallbladder.