The DIY Detox Bath – Have a Home Spa Day And Soak Away Aches, Pains, Harmful Toxins, Pesticides And Heavy Metals


The-DIY-Detox-Bath-–-Have-a-Home-Spa-Day-And-Soak-Away-Aches-Pains-Harmful-Toxins-Pesticides-And-Heavy-MetalsDetox treatments have become all the rage these days, as people have started becoming aware of their benefits.  Just like your vehicle needs oil replacement, the body needs detoxification from the toxic build ups as well.

Although the excess waste is being flushed out from the body on a daily basis, some substances remain trapped in the body and may cause damage to the organism. These substances are basically nutrients which the body failed to absorb, eventually becoming toxins.  They are associated with chronic disease, headache, and fatigue, meaning that you need to detoxify the body on a regular basis.


–          Helps control diabetes
–          Stimulates weight loss and reduces cellulite
–          Detoxification
–          Makes you feel and look young
–          Soothes arthritis pain
–          Relieves muscle and joint pain
–          Reduces Stress
–          Promotes better sleep



–          ½ cup baking soda
–          A handful of Epsom salt
–          10 drops of essential oil

Essential oil recommendations:

–          Peppermint (relieves fatigue)
–          Cedarwood  (good for depression)
–          Chamomile and rosemary ( relieves headaches)
–          Lavender  (calming and relaxing effect)
–          Grapefruit  (uplifting)


–          The first thing you should do is to add the ingredients into your hot bath

–          Relax for about 20 minutes, allowing your body to detox, sweat and absorb the ingredients

–          Rinse well,  preferably with cool water

–          Drink a lot of water before and after the detox bath

Note:  Adults are recommended to spend 20-30 minutes in a heated spa while children should spend less time. Pregnant women and people suffering from certain health issues should consult their doctor prior using a detox spa.