Clever Ways To Use Pool Noodles Around The House


Pool noodles are fun toys that can be used in many other ways rather than just in the water. You will want to buy more of them once you read all the amazing things you can do with these aquatic toys.

Pool noodles can be shaped and molded in numerous ways because of their flexibility. Your kids can use them as a craft material but they can be also very handy for many household tasks such as cleaning.

  1. Your children can have fun outside building whatever they want from pool noodles and duct tape.
  2. Use your noodle to easily fill the mop bucket.
  3. Replace the old spring covers with pool noodles and there will be no more pinching.
  4. Keep your baby safe by placing pool noodles under the sheets to prevent your child from rolling off.
  5. Have fun playing balloon tennis by creating a racket with pool noddle. Tape the ends with a duct tape and cover it with pantyhose.
  6. You can make a playhouse by creating a frame from pool noodles and covering it with sheets. Use same size noodles for easier building.
  7. You can also make floating lights for your pool. Wrap LED tea lights with plastic and place it in a small section of pool noodle. Your pool will look much better at night.