Causes For Ear Wax Buildup And How To Remove It At Home


Earwax is a yellowish substance that secrets in the ear canal and serves as a protection from bacteria, insects, fungi and water. Besides protecting the ear from environmental factors, the earwax also lubricates the ear and the ear canal. The earwax usually falls off on its own however sometimes it can build up and cause blockage which can lead to irritation, hearing loss, dizziness, itching, a feeling that you have something stuck in the ear etc. This is why it is important to clean your ears from excess wax every once in a while.

Causes of earwax build up

First of all, you should learn what causes the discomfort due to earwax buildup. In case it creates a blockage in the ear canal it becomes annoying and irritating. Sometimes the reason for the blockage is using Q-tips often which only push the earwax further into the ear canal.

People who regularly use earbud headphones or earplugs have an increased risk of earwax buildup and blockage.

Symptoms of was buildup

Experiencing some of the symptoms could indicate that there is too much wax in your ear canal:

  • Dizziness
  • Drainage from the ear canal
  • Reduced hearing ability
  • Earache
  • Feeling like your ears are plugged or full
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Itching inside the ear canal

Home remedies for removing wax buildup

To prevent the above mentioned symptoms, it is essential that you keep your ears clean at all times and remove the excess wax. Using Q-tips or other swabs is not recommended. Instead, try some of the following natural remedies.

Saline solution

This is an excellent remedy for removing earwax. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt (7.5 grams) in ½ cup of water, soak a cotton ball in the mixture and drop a few drops in your ear while your head is tilted to one side. You should stay still for a few minutes to give the solution time to soften the wax and penetrate deeper in the canal. Then, take a soft tissue and use it to clean the liquid once it drains out when you stand up.

Paraffin oil

Another safe and very effective home remedy that you can find in almost any pharmacy. Heat 2-3 teaspoons of paraffin oil over a candle flame, but make sure the oil is not too hot. Then, drop a few drops in the ear and lie still. Using warm water rinse out the oil and the wax from your ear. Repeat the procedure 2-3 days in a row in order to dissolve the buildup completely.

Hydrogen peroxide

Mix hydrogen peroxide and water in 1:1 ratio. The hydrogen peroxide should be 3% strength variety. Lie down on one side and drop a few drops in your ear than gently shake your head. Leave the mixture for a few minutes and then tilt your head on the other side for the liquid to drain.


Glycerine helps remove the earwax very easy and it can be found in pharmacies. For best results, put 4 drops of glycerine in each ear three times a day.

Vinegar and alcohol

Mix rubbing alcohol and white vinegar in 1:1 ratio. Using a cotton ball place a few drops of the solution in each ear.

Olive oil

Olive oil is a natural remedy that softens the earwax and makes the removal easier. Place 2-3 drops of olive oil in one ear and then sleep on the opposite side to let the oil work longer and more efficiently. You should repeat this procedure 3 or 4 nights in a row.