Build And Grow: Top Tips On Gaining Muscle


t’s believed that almost sixty million Americans have gym memberships, and many of them are there to build muscle and gain the healthy body and physique of their dreams. But as Business Insider reports, gym-goers don’t always manage to stick to their goals. Gaining muscle doesn’t have to be difficult or an unhealthy process, though, and there are different approaches you can take. The methods shared here can all be completed as part of a healthy lifestyle, so it’s time to get working out and reaping the rewards of your efforts.

No pain, no gain

It’s undeniable that one of the main methods for building muscle lies in heading to the gym and lifting weights. From dumbbell-lifting exercises which strengthen your upper arms to workouts aimed at boosting your calves, there are plenty of options. Some people also choose to avoid weights altogether and try bodyweight exercises instead.

The risk of pain or injury, of course, is always going to be there when working out no matter what option you take. But with safer alternatives to painkillers out there, you can still follow this kind of method even if you don’t want to go down the pharmaceutical route when dealing with pain. In fact, natural remedies may even be more useful than standard methods, as many of them are less likely to interfere with your sporting abilities.

Diet and lifestyle

While eating a certain diet isn’t going to transform your physique on its own overnight, it’s clear that eating the right sort of foods can really help. Eating protein, of course, is the main one, but it’s also a good idea to get enough non-refined carbohydrates in such as brown rice. And there’s no harm in giving your diet a little boost, perhaps through vitamin supplements or through prescription grade weight loss medication which helps to prevent the wrong type of gains while you develop those muscles. These sorts of diet boosts are hormone-based and help your metabolism to process the food you eat in a more weight loss-friendly way, allowing you to focus on building muscle.

For those who are looking to build muscle, there are plenty of ways to do it. From the classic methods like lifting weights to less well-known options like bodyweight training, building muscle is within the grasp of most people who want to work out and improve their fitness in a sustainable way. By researching and planning your optimal muscle gain route, you too can get ripped in no time – and without compromising on your healthy lifestyle.