Beware of These Health Dangers! 3 Things You Need to Eliminate from Your Home


Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you are planning on throwing away some cosmetic product or medication packet, but still decide to keep it just in case?

Although there are many products that affect your home`s appearance, you need to remove some things as soon as possible, as they can seriously harm your health.

According to the most recent studies, many of the things you use for washing your body with are actually the filthiest.  Bacteria thrive in wet and dirty environment. This refers to sponges, towels or shower brushes. It is recommended to use sponges and shower brushes for 3-6 months. For optimal protection, rinse them well and let them dry after use.

When it comes to cosmetic products, the rule is very simple: if it is old, dry and you are not planning on using it, dispose of it right away. Therefore, if the expiration date has passed, don’t apply the product onto your body, as it can cause serious allergic reactions. The same goes for sunscreens as well.

Although their initial purpose is to protect our health, old drugs can be very dangerous. The average shelf life of medications is up to a year. Once this period passes, their effect is significantly diminished and it is very likely that they can do more harm than good.