Apple Seeds and Cancer: What the Government Has Been Hiding From You for Years


A lot of people avoid eating the bitter almonds, cherry pits and apricot and apple seeds. This is mostly because they contain cyanide. But we have a new information that will tell you the opposite. It is not a new information, because this has been discovered in the 1950s.

We all know that cyanide is poisonous, but in the treatment of cancer, it is used in a completely safe way. Many people ignore the cyanide because it is considered as highly lethal, but the content in the seeds is too little to do you any harm.

There are two glucose molecules in amygdalin, one of the benzaldehyde and one of cyanide. This may frighten you, but you should also know that these glucose molecules-the benzaldehyde and cyanide only attack the cancer cells. It is a part of their activity. In other cases, they only travel though the gastrointestinal tract, and actually the cancer cells are the ones who need the sugar from them.

And that is why the cancer cells feed from the amygdalin to use its glucose. And you know what happens after that. The cancer cells are the only ones that feed from the benzaldehyde and the cyanide, and the glucose molecules have a function of being the bait.

The cancer cells have the ability to process the amygdalin with the help of their content of beta-glucosidase — an enzyme; and in that way, they free the deadly molecules. The other cells cannot process amygdalin.

The normal cells have rhodanese, which is an enzyme that attaches to the released cyanide molecules and they produce cyanates, which are thrown out in the urine.

So, now you know the truth, and if anyone tells you that the apricot kernel is poisonous you can convince them otherwise.

And we have to ask a simple question: why is everyone so ‘freaked out’ about the usage of amygdalin to kill cancer cells? The apricot kernels contain the extract B17 or laetrile and it has the power to eliminate cancer cells. This is the secret that everyone hides.

Laetrile was developed by Dr. Ernst Krebb in 1952. He used the amygdalin from the seeds of apricot to inject it into the cancer cells of patients, after having them purified and liquefied.

He also got a shot of laetrile as well. Another proof for the efficiency of laetrile was given by Dr. John Richardson who has succesfully cured several patients with cancer by using the laetrile.

And in 1971 the laetrile was banned for using.

Edward Griffin, talked about the affect of laetrile and amygdalin in his book called ‘A world without cancer’.

You should know that just a couple of apricot seeds willnot eliminate cancer. The whole treatments is several moths long and the patients need to consume a dozen apricot seeds.