Ancient Eastern Wisdom :These Are The 7 Objects In Your Home That Subtract Your Energy


Do you notice negative energy, nervousness and lack of harmony in your home? If your answer is “yes”, we believe it will come in handy the following post …

Only small changes in the family home can bring plenty of positive energy and prosperity. Very often we are not aware that certain objects are actually “energy vampires” who steal our positive energy and threaten peace and harmony.

To make your home and family ruled only positive energy, we consulted with feng shui experts: here’s the stuff of which 7 things(or bad habits) they warn, because this brings negative energy in the home.

1. Dirty wardrobe in the corner

This is one of the first things on which feng shui expert warns when observed in the house. It may be easiest to cuff dirty clothes on the floor in a corner of the room, but you should know that in this place the outflow and positive energy from home. You should be in every family there is a space where they will be disposed of dirty clothes for washing – it is better to have the trash in the yard than dirty socks in the corners of rooms.

2. Shoes placed in front of the door

Regardless of whether they are placed next to the bedroom or any other of these cases are real “energy vampires” especially if they are dirty.

3. A bunch of old newspapers, magazines, papers and books
Newspapers throw in the trash as soon as you read them, consult feng shui experts. If you collect books or magazine, keep them on the shelves, not on the floor or corner of the room. Scattered around the room, these objects will bring bad energy.

4. Cracked or chipped plates, bowls and cups

Broken crockery brings bad energy of whoever uses it, according to feng shui experts. I’d rather buy the cheapest new set than using a collection kit or damaged vessels. The use of such dishes can make affect the career or finances.

5. Empty jar rice, salt and sugar

We all are going to give us the most needed food supplies disappear, but feng shui masters say that you should never let your jars in which hold the rice, salt and sugar completely empty. Shelves with empty jars in the kitchen affect the happiness and harmony in the family.

6. Place sitting or sleeping underneath the crossbar

Wooden beams are one of my favorite design elements which desire and detachment we see in homes. However, if you set up a sofa or bed underneath this detail should know that the poison arrows of negative energy directed at you, explains feng shui experts.

7. The modest portions of rice on the plate

When you serve food guests or family members make sure that each member has more than enough food. This rule applies to rice firstly. According to feng shui principles, shortage of rice on the plate means and the lack of well-being. If you overtake rice, give it to pets or keep and refer to those who are hungry.