Black Drawing Salve – DIY! Amish Recipe For The Most Therapeutic Powerful Ointment


Black Drawing Salve is one of the traditional preparations of the Amish people. It`s used for a lot of inflammatory conditions and has amazing effects such as treating ulcers, cysts and infections.

Except the Amish, many others use it for those conditions, but this Black Drawing Salve is also used for cysts acne and for ingrown hair or toenails.

Black Drawing Salve – the most powerful therapeutic ointment

The word drawing is placed with reason because Black Drawing Salve has the ability to take out – draw out the fester, filth and unwanted objects like broken glass or thorns from your body.

Although Black Drawing Salve is black color, it doesn`t leave stains and cleans nicely.

This ointment is effective on spider bites because is drawing out the poison and allegedly removes dark stains and moles.

It`s safe for use on children because it`s all natural.

The only one potential flaw of Black Drawing Salve is that demand`s ingredients, good will and time, but it will pay off in the end.

The recipe for Amish Black Drawing Salve

Ingredients you need for Black Drawing Salve:

3 tablespoons of marigold, greater plantain of macerations and comfrey

It`s full of antioxidants, acts antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and encourages healing.

2 teaspoons of Shea butter

It allows to reach deeper and acts anti-inflammatory.

 – 2 tablespoons of coconut oil

It cares, feeds and helps to fast healing.

2 tablespoons of beeswax

It preserves all healthy ingredients.

1 teaspoon of vitamin E-oil

It acts very positively on a health of the skin and directly the process of healing.

2 teaspoons of active carbon (crashed)

It draws the poison and bacteria out.

2 tablespoons of kaolin clay

It draws the poisons and chemicals out of your skin (don`t use some metal stuff for mix it – it will negate its effectiveness

1 tablespoon of honey

It hydrating and acts antibacterial

20 drops lavender etheric oil

It acts to eases and regenerate the pain.

Preparation of Black Drawing Salve:

-1. Before preparing this ointment, you need to make the maceration.

You need a tablespoon of each plant (crushed into a powder) and ½ cup of olive oil.

The maceration you can make in two ways.

– The first one is to put a plant and olive oil in one closed jar.

Distill mixture after 4 weeks.

– The second one is to heat the plant and olive oil in a double bottom bowl.

You need to cook on light heat for one hour until gets a strong smell and it darkens.

-2. Mix honey, vitamin E, beeswax, coconut oil, Shea butter and maceration in one jar that was left in water previously.

-3. Heat a water until boiled and with a non-metal spoon mix the ingredients until are melted.

-4. Take out of the heat and add the lavender etheric oil, kaolin clay, active carbon and stir it again.

-5. Immediately put the mixture in the small cans or jars to harden.

-6. Keep the Black Drawing Salve in the jars to use when you need.

The way of using Black Drawing Salve:

First you need to clean the injured place.

Put the ointment on the thorn or injury and cover with bandage or gauze.

Leave it on that way for the next couple of hours.

The ointment will draw the unwanted objects or infection.

Some objects such as glass sometimes need up to 2 days to draw out.