Amazing Ways You Can Use Onions As A Natural Remedy! I Had No Idea


There are numerous remedies from nature that can be very helpful in the treatment of various health conditions. One of those powerful remedies are onions. This vegetable can be used in many ways that are excellent in treatment of many health issues.

The healing power of onions comes from the sulphur content which make it a strong antibiotic and antiseptic agent. Onions also contain Quercetin, a potent antioxidant that protects the body from free radicals which are the mail causes of numerous chronic illnesses.

Due to the antibiotic properties, onions can also cure vomiting and are one of the greatest immunity boosters.

Onion juice contains compounds made of sulfur and flavonoid which make it a great natural expectorant that can be used for treating respiratory conditions as well as diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis, heart-related problems etc.

Native Americans have been using onions for ages to treat common cold and flu and the World Health Organization has confirmed the ability of onions to relieve respiratory infections, cough, congestion and bronchitis.

Different ways to use onions

These are some health issues that you can treat with the help of onion:

  1. Vomiting

Grate an onion and press the juice using a cheesecloth. Then brew peppermint tea and leave it to cool down. You should consume 2 teaspoons of onion juice, make 5-minute pause, and then consume 2 teaspoons of peppermint tea. Repeat this procedure a few times and the symptoms will quickly go away.

  1. Fever

Onions can provide relief in case you have a fever. Take one onion and slice it into thin rings. Then, rub some coconut oil at the bottom of the feet and place a thin onion slice on the arch of both of your feet. Wrap your feet with plastic wrap and put on socks. You should do this before going to bed so that the onions will work overnight in order to remove the toxins and provide relief from the illness.

  1. Cough

To use onion for relieving cough, peel it and slice it in half. Then, apply 1 tablespoon of brown sugar on each half, cover them and leave them for an hour. Taking this remedy 2 times a day will quickly manage your cough.

  1. Breakup chest congestion

Create a paste by combining onion and coconut oil. Apply the paste on your chest and then cover it with a towel. This way the mixture will provide relief from the chest congestion.

  1. Colic

In case your baby suffers from colic, you can use onions to help your little one. Boil one yellow onion, leave it to cool down and drain. You should give your baby 1 tablespoon of this onion tea every hour until the symptoms subside.

  1. Ear infection

You can also cure ear infection by chopping an onion, putting it in a thin sock and then tying it closed. Then, place the sock on the painful ear and cover your head or ear with a hat. Remove the sock when the pain is relieved.

  1. Cuts

You can stop the bleeding immediately by applying onion skins on the cut. The onion is an antiseptic agent which is excellent for healing cuts.

  1. Cleanse the air

This is actually not a medical issue, however you can purify your home from bacteria and viruses with the help of onion. The only thing you need to do is apply several onion pieces around your home.

Other excellent onion uses worth mentioning:
  • Prevent rusting by rubbing and onion slice into the face of an iron
  • Use onion slice to polish copper and glassware
  • Prevent freckling by rubbing and onion slice on your face
  • Repel bugs by rubbing onion slice on your skin
  • Promote hair growth with rubbing onion juice on your scalp
  • Repel moths with onion juice
  • Repel pests from plants by boiling onion juice and spraying it once it cools
  • Prevent avocados from turning brown by storing them in an airtight container along with red onions

As you can see onions have many different ways of use for your health as well as for your home. This powerful natural remedy is cheap so make sure you use more of it for the common health issues.