An Amazing Remedy That Removes Calluses, Rough Skin And Deposits From Your Feet


There are many people who have rough skin, hard deposits, calluses and cracks on their feet which are often very painful and discomforting. If you are one of those people keep reading to learn how the following remedy can help you solve these issues in a very simple way.

I heard this recipe from a 57-year-old woman and I know it works because I have seen her feet which look like the feet of a twenty-year-old girl.

Medicinal aspirin tincture


  • 10 tablets of andol or aspirin (300mg)
  • 250 ml of brandy or 70% medicinal alcohol


Crush the tablets to create fine powder, put them in a bowl and then pour the brandy or alcohol over them. Then, transfer the mixture in a small bottle and keep it for 2 days.


Shake the bottle before using the tincture. Dip a piece of gauze in it and put it on your heels. Then wrap the feet with a plastic wrap and put on socks. You should do this before going to bed so that the tincture will work overnight.

In the morning rinse your feet with water, towel dry them and apply moisturizing foot cream or glycerin.

To remove the hard deposits completely and to make the skin on your feet softer you should repeat the treatment 10 nights.

If you think you need to you, can also brush or scrub your feet with pumice stone before applying the cream.

This tincture also works wonders for treating the painful areas due to varicose veins. Just rub some of the tincture gently over the affected area and the pain will be reduced almost completely.

This remedy can also relieve the pain due to salt deposits caused by osteochondrosis. You should massage it gently on the affected area.