9 Natural Cures For Enlarged Prostate To Shrink It With No Pain


Almost all men over 50 have this problem with the prostate. The prostate is a gland in males and has the look of a chestnut, located near the urethra. Two issues can arise here: enlargement and inflammation.


2 warning signs mean you have some prostate issue: frequent urinating and problems with the urine passing. Other signs may be lower back pain or pain in legs, hips, feet.

Here you will see the 9 best remedies that are natural for enlarged prostate:

1.Mix and chop 3.5 oz celery root, 0.7 oz pumpkin seed, lemon juice, 1 tsp olive oil. Mix them until homogenous. Take a big spoon of this mix in the night before bed.

2.Consume sunflower seeds every day from 17:00 to 19:00 and this time is the best since the body processes the seeds optimally.

3.Consume quail eggs at the same time as previously for 2 weeks.

4.Drink 0.33 ml pumpkin oil three times daily for 30 days.

5.Add 1 tbsp dry hazelnut leaves in boiling water 1 cup, and leave this tea to cool. Have 2 tbsp of it several times in a day. This cures the prostate adenoma.

6.Place 4 cups water in pot and add 1 oz. chopped pine tree needles. Boil for 10 min and use low heat. Strain this tea and divide it in 5 cups. Drink them all in 1 day.

7.Boil 10.5 oz water with 3 tbsp asparagus, grated, and then keep this tea in thermos. Strain it and have 3.3 oz 3 times per day.

8.In ½ cup hot milk, add 40 drops of alcohol solution 20% and sip this 3 times per day before eating meals.

9.Eat a mix of honey, 1 tbsp and 1 small onion bulb daily.

Consult a doctor if you are unsure of trying these methods.

Source: www.healthylifevision.com