5000 Schools, 1 MILLION Children Gathered To Do THIS For World Peace And NO ONE Says Anything!


Go through the happiness upon this man’s face as he witnesses more and more people come together hoping to make an improved and safe world.


Each year a job called “V Legend Change The World” is placed in Thailand. This event brings university children to a Buddhist temple for every day of deep breathing. 5000 schools! Near 1 million children! All meditating for serenity at the Phra Shammakaya Temple.

The two 2 edges of “the gold coin for positive change” are Action and Deep breathing. Of course you will need action to improve the global world, however the quality of the action originates from the grade of thoughts and energy you placed into it. Which quality originates from meditation.

To be able to obtain exterior change you must must start inner change first. These small children will be the light and heart and soul of the very opinion. Coming together they can remind us that people are ONE. Positive thoughts shall increase frequencies within a people. With enough it can be the thing we have to initiate change amidst all and create an improved world to reside in.

Below is  video from 2010.